Tamaskan breeder! We try to breed our puppies in the most healthy and animal-friendly way. We intend to do this with our own Tamaskans Dany and her daughter Kyra.

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Dany was born on October 20, 2013 as Sylvaen Eevee, daughter of Bluestuf Elliot (Xantho) and Blustag River Jordan (Vixen).
She has a very friendly character, is eager to learn and easily picks up new tricks. She is easygoing with other dogs, children and strangers. She usually comes along with us. If she has to stay at home then that’s alright as well.
Dany completed the puppy training and she’s also done obedience level 1. She greatly enjoys agility training and it’s something she is really good at. She is very quick and agile due to her rather small build.

Hip dysplasie (HD) – HD A
Elbow dysplasie (ED) – Free
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) – Free by parentage
Dwarfism – Free
Eyes (ECVO) – Free (May 2020, 1 year valid)
MyDogDNA – 8700 2321 4634 759
MDR1 – Free
Character – Positive, only a hunting instinct
Exterior- Very good to excellent


From the first litter with Dany we kept a female ourself. Her breeder name is Alegria Halin and we call her Kyra. The charachter from Kyra is different than her mother. She is more affectionate to us and Dany. She has a little separation anxiety and wants to be with us. The anxiety is getting less while she grew older. 

Hip dysplasia (HD) – 
Elbow dysplasia (ED) – 
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) – Free
Dwarfism – Free by parentage
Eyes (ECVO) – 
MyDogDNA – 8700 2322 3810 234
MDR1 – Free by parentage
Character – Positive
Exterior – Beautiful, only her tail is slightly to long and curly

IMG_1770 (Copy)Tamaskan Puppies

We are planning two litters for 2020. Dany x Loki and Kyra x Shadow.

After you’ve contacted us, we will request you to fill in a questionnaire regarding your interest and housing situation to enable us to make a good match between you and the puppy. If accepted, you will be put on the waiting list. Once the puppies are born you will hear if there is one available for you and you will be asked to make a down payment. After about 7 weeks the puppies will have a character test, so we can match you with a puppy. This means you can’t choose a pup yourself. In the unfortunate case that we are not able to make a good match, you will be refunded your down payment.

First litter

We found an excellent match for Dany’s first litter. This is Noah “Ahanu Sunkmanitu Tanka O’waci”, he is a stud from the first official Dutch Tamaskan Club litter. He was born on January 14, 2014.

Dany’s first litter was born on May 8 2016;
– Alegria Nanna (Female)
– Alegria Mani (Male)
– Alegria Vidar (Male)
– Alegria Freya (Female)
– Alegria Halin (Female)
– Alegria Odin (Male)
– Alegria Baldur (Male)

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